Why visit Nepal?

If you are looking for the precise whys and wherefores to why visit Nepal? here is an info to why you need to visit Nepal. To begin with, the “National Geographic Traveler” have listed Nepal as one of the must visit places in 2016. Moreover, Lonely Planet classed Nepal as No.1 best value destination for 2017 and No.5 on their hot list of countries to visit next year.

Why Visit Nepal - Everest and the view from the top

Reasons to why you need to visit Nepal:

  • Adventures Variation
  • Nepal is Inexpensive
  • Small Country with 10 World Heritage Sites.
  • Exclusive Religious Harmony
  • Unique Features
  • Very Welcoming and Peace Loving People

1) Adventures.

Nepal has never failed to lure the travelers and mountaineers from far and wide with its elegance and ample opportunity to do awe-inspiring activities. From rafting in the low lands, spotting rhinos and tigers in the wild to climbing the highest mountain in the world is what this little country has to offer. Significantly, this Tiny Himalayan Kingdom unlocks the door to every single mountain enthusiasts and vacationers with exceptional outdoor activities. Nepal truly claims some of the worlds most popular trekking and climbing destination.

Be it hiking, trekking, climbing, jungle safari, rafting, hunting, or any other ventures – Nepal is ready to serve anyone with ultimate venture experience. It has been nicknamed as a Light of Asia, the birth place of Buddha or the land of Brave Gorkhas. Some know it as a country of temples or the country of the world’s highest peak (Everest). Nevertheless, Nepal has always been an exceptional home for travelers globally that motivates anyone with extravagant adventure trips.

beautiful local village of Nepal

2) Nepal is within your means – affordable.

Nepal is an affordable destination for travellers from high and low. This mystical country has to caliber to cater anyone at a very reasonable price; it does deliver what it promises. In the major city like Kathmandu and Pokhara anybody can survive a day in less than $30. Much like Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam Nepal standout among the budgeted travellers and the budget- friendly destinations. Beside expensive accommodation and travel options Nepal provides you with an alternative to go cheap giving you the best of rooms and remarkably good food. Moreover, there are guest house and hostels that provide you accommodation for little as $5. If you are looking for tours or travel/trekking packages any company can deliver you your requirements as per your financial plan. However, make sure you decide on the right one.

the ancient monuments in Kathmandu durbar square

3) 10 World Heritage sites.

Nepal, though a very small country is a home of 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nonetheless, Kathmandu, the Capital city of Nepal itself is illustrated by seven world Heritages that includes –

The Buddhist Stupas of Boudhanath and Swayambhunath.
The ancient Hindu temples of Pashupatinath and Changu-Narayan.
The Durbar Squares of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.

Apart from these the other world heritage sites of Nepal are –

⭐ Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha.
⭐ Chitwan National park and
⭐ Sagarmatha National Park (Everest National Park)

All these Heritage Sites are the landmark that has so much to do with Nepal’s historical and cultural significance and justly answers to your question to why visit Nepal.

Positioned at the foothills of the high Himalayas and vibrant hills, Nepal displays these magical inheritances. These world heritage sites certainly reflect on the unique culture, ancient history and the amazing legacies that are preserved with admiration and significance. They reflect the genuine harmony between the Hinduism and Buddhism that prospered in Nepal since ages. Furthermore, These monuments reveal the exceptional cultural traditions, the incomparable craftsmanship and the unique architecture.

Hindu saints sitting and relaxing at Pashupatinath Temple

4) Religious Harmony.

Nepal is the land of multilingual, multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious societies. However, the religious acceptance among the diverse societies in Nepal is marvelous. Everybody has the right to choose or practice religion of their choice on the contrary living in the same society united and mutual. Therefore, Nepal can truly be called a model for religious harmony. Though Hinduism dominates the majority yet the stupas and temples prospering simultaneously in legendary religious sites prove their harmony to one another. In this tiny country beside Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam, Sikhs, Christianity and many other local communities including the Kirats thrive hand to hand. Nevertheless, all their traditions thrive harmoniously without egocentricity.

Nepal unique features - Amadablam at the backdrop

5) Unique Features

⭐ Out of the 14 Nepal has 8 World’s highest mountains including the Mount Everest.
⭐ In a span of 100 km, from South to North anyone can experience hot tropical climate to bone chilling Arctic type weather. Moreover, you can experience the altitude variation that ranges from 70 meters to 8848 meters.

Nepal is proud to have:

⭐ Kathmandu, the capital city is the Living Cultural Museum of the World.
⭐ Kaligandaki is the river older than the Himalayas and it is the “World’s Deepest Gorge”.
⭐ Everest, the World’s Highest Mountain.
⭐ Tilicho Lake at Annapurna region as the World’s Highest Lake.
⭐ Ghorepani at Annapurna as the world’s Largest Rhododendron growing forest.
⭐ Thorong La Pass at the Annapurna circuit trek as The Highest Navigable Pass in the World
⭐ Lumbini, the Birth Place of Lord Buddha
⭐ Lukla the starting point of Everest as the World’s most dangerous airport – ***which in reality is  sensational***
Comparatively, over 19% of the total country’s landmass is sherltered under National Park and Protected Area in Nepal.

6) Very responsive and peace loving people

In the midst of modernization and the western influence, prosperous culture still thrives among the Nepalese. Nepali people are very approachable and peace loving. Though they live under diverse geographical condition yet they always bore a smile in their face. They always welcome you as special guests with traditional salutation of “Namaste”, a universal greeting. Interact with the Nepali people who have a tough life style, but despite that they are very friendly and has positive outlook towards life and enjoy every seconds of their existence.

In the midst of rehabilitation after the 2015 earthquake it is very strange to see the Nepalese being very cheerful and welcoming. Happiness among the people of Nepal masks the sad realities of the country – as we believe in the phrase “we never know what tomorrow brings, today is a good day to be the last – let’s be HAPPY”.

All these equally contributes to the answer for question Why visit Nepal?


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