“Trip for Welfare” is a campaign started by Nepal Pyramids as a part of our very crucial C.S.R. Since we are very concerned about our social responsibility, we actively participate in the advancement of the deprived children. We very well know that Travel is an opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people, and taste new delicacies. However, we step ahead to benefit these underprivileged children out of our travel returns and experience. It’s not that we run a Charity. In fact we are ready to go an extra mile on our own with assistance that we could to get further with our campaign “Trip for Welfare”.

Know What Your Trip Contributes To !

Your holiday with us contributes somebody a chance to educate, a pleasure to shelter and a privilege to medication. Every time you book one of our holidays, some amount from your package goes to our Trip for welfare campaign. Some of our Welfare includes education for the underprivileged children, general medication and rehabilitation of their homes. Their homes that got devastated after the 2015 earthquake which is yet to be fully built. We also have Porters Children Education Campaign where we strive to give education to our Porters kids. These innocent kids are deprived of education rights simply due to financial complications. Starting with the number of five kids we have started our venture to educate these innocent minds. Hopefully, in the years to come  with your support we would with conviction get to the most of it.

first aid in the remote village from Nepal Pyramids

We hope if only everyone in our industry would do the same and walk hand in hand to the welfare of these ignorant minds. They are indeed our hope of tomorrow who are in utter need of aid and assistance. We need to get together for such a cause so that in the near-term years we can give thousands deprived local children a greater life prospect.

Building school at Earthquake hit area of Dolakha district in Nepal

Besides all these, renovating small schools affected by the 2015 earthquake that still needs rehabilitation is our other similar objective. We are and we will give our best to aid these schools in the remote villages of Nepal that still need assistance.

Trip for Welfare - the gorgeous Nepali local kids