Mountain Trekking

Nepal, the Himalayan Kingdom and the once-forbidden land has so much to offer the travelers with its abundant ancient history and legends which are immensely phenomenal. You call it a Light of Asia, the birth place of Buddha, the land of Brave Gorkhas, the country of temples or the country of the world’s highest peak (Everest), Nepal has always been an exceptional home for travelers globally. Since we believe in the right to travel, Nepal Pyramids is here to craft your dream into reality assuring you a trip extraordinarily out of the world with quality service value for money, comprehensive flexible packages with unbeatable price – without any hidden cost, hassle free vacation with closer outlook to local culture, ancient hidden valleys and imperial hills and mountains.

Since ages Nepal has become a ‘trekking paradise’ for mountain lovers and has never failed to lure the travelers and mountaineers with its exquisiteness and ample opportunity to do awe-inspiring activities.

Short Hiking

Nepal, the paradise for travelers form around the world is indeed very mesmeric with so much adventure alternatives. To experience ultimate walking it’s not mandatory for anyone to arrange long days walking or get to the base of the soaring snow peaks. A short hike indeed gives you the essential pleasure of walking, escaping from the maddening crowd into the serenity of nature. Be it in Kathmandu or in the outskirt of the City Nepal Pyramids organizes short hikes with ample opportunity to understand Nepal and its culture.

River Rafting

Since Nepal happens to be the second richest country in the world for water resource, Nepal has so much to offer regarding white water rafting. Experience the ultimate thrill with its varied rapids that gets as far as 5+ during certain times of the year specially monsoon or post monsoon. Some of the rivers in Nepal bestows anyone with the most electrifying white water rafting experiences. It’s not just an adventure that involves fun and excitements, in-fact it contributes to ample understanding to appreciate the people, culture and landscapes.

Jungle Safari

The sub- tropical regions that is rightly located to the south of Nepal which are the home to our flora and fauna proposes abundant jungle safari journeys. Bardia National Park and Chitwan National park (world heritage site) are one among the prominent national parks that conserve and maintain the environment and the animals that exist in our country. These parks are very well furnished with so-much jungle activities that a day isn’t enough to comprehend the genuine wilderness experience. So join Nepal Pyramids to explore Nepal’s unexplored national parks and adore the serenity and fun of being into the home of the wilds.

Day Tours

To know more about Nepal in true sense it is crucial to involve youself in intermingling with the locals and their culture without which anyone is unquestionably about to miss significant aspects of Nepal in terms of people, their – ethos, beliefs, tradition and substantially their mysteries. The ancient temples, long standing monuments, palaces and the primeval art and architecture gives you the history of the ancient royals, their love for graphics and architecture and their fascination over unique structural designs. Each cultural tours gives anyone ample evidence about the diversity of culture and the harmony that exists in Nepal.

Adventure Activities

Administered by the team of Local-trekking professional Nepal Pyramids organizes adventures in Nepal with exceptional service, competitive price and at the most reliability.
Everything is very well fabricated which is due to the result of many years involvement in the field of adventure world. Get the quality and service best of international standard at competitive price with no additional hidden charges. We are professional in delivering what we promise. Worrying is out of question as we are here to help you with your Nepal dreams. We are here to “Craft your dreams into Reality”.