Manaslu Circuit Trek:

The number of days required for Manaslu Circuit Trek will be dispersed as:

  • Trekking Days:               14 Days.
  • Kathmandu Stay:          03 Days.
  • Departure Day:              01 Day.

“Climb mountains not so that world can see you, but so you can see the world”

Manaslu Circuit Trek offers anyone the opportunity of walking into the less trodden enchanting deep valleys. Manaslu, ‘The Spirit Mountain’ is the eighth highest mountain in the world, 8,163 meters (26,781 ft.) above sea level. This region of Manaslu being the main epicenter for the tragic 2015, 8.2 Magnitude earthquake trekkers were of the notion about Manaslu not being a safe destination which is simply a lack of true information.

Though the earthquake have undeniably brought about a transformation on the regular trekking trails nevertheless, Manaslu is very safe. Manaslu Circuit trek is the best alternative to Annapurna Circuit Trek which is a part of a Great Himalayan Trail. Furthermore, it is less trodden and offers anyone with a variety of trekking options. Starting from the District of Gorkha we eventually finish our trek in a Different district of Manang completing a distance of 177 km / 109 miles.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is not recommended during the winter season starting from December till February. It’s pretty challenging if you want to know the difficulty level of Manaslu Trek. However, the ascent is very gradual which on the other hand provides enough acclimatization time for everyone. Manaslu being a restricted area Trekkers are not permitted to trek alone without a Local Guide. It’s mandatory for all foreigners to be affiliated with a local company, obtain special permits and accompanied by a local guide.

Trip Profile:

Manaslu also known as the Land of the Suspension bridge and the sky-high cliffs. Despite its popularity and the construction of new tea houses in the region since 2010, the Manaslu Trek however is very remote and basic. In comparison to other tea-house treks in Nepal, Manaslu still needs progression. Manaslu being the restricted area the Nepal Government permitted trekkers for Manaslu Circuit only in 1991. Though we need a special permit to get through, the picturesque beauty of Manaslu region cannot be denied.

Larke pass 5106 m/16,751 ft is the highest point in the Manaslu Circuit trek. Moreover, this is a classic and tough ancient salt trading route that links the Manaslu valley with Annapurna valley. The view from the Larke pass is simply Terrific with Chuli, Himlung, Cheo himal, Larke peak, Annapurna II and Mt. Manaslu.

After the pass the valley opens up in a very paradise like setting. We stay overnight at Bhimthang. Moreover, this village uniquely locates in a Himalayan meadow at the lap of Manaslu and Himalchuli which is simply incredible. Soon we enter into the tree line area with lush green woodland and cruise towards the famous Annapurna circuit trail followed by spectacular views.

Toss aside your guide books and Trek to the mystical lands of Manaslu.

Short Itinerary

  • DAY 01: Arrive to Kathmandu (1400 m/4,593 ft) / hotel accommodation.
  • DAY 02: Cultural Sightseeing tour and trek Briefing / Welcome Dinner.
  • DAY 03: Drive to Soti Khola (700 m/2,296 ft) (overnight stay) 7 – 8 hours
  • DAY 04: Trek to Machhakhola (870 m/2,854 ft) 6 – 7 hours
  • DAY 05: Trek to jagat (1340 m/4,396 ft) 6 - 7 hours
  • DAY 06: Trek to Phillim (1517 m/4,977 ft) 4 hours
  • DAY 07: Trek to Bihi phedi (1,990 m/6,528 ft) 5 - 6 hours
  • DAY 08: Trek to Namrung (2,630 m/8,628 ft) 4 - 5 hours
  • DAY 09: Trek to Lho (3,180 m/10,433 ft) 4 - 5 hours
  • DAY 10: Trek to Samagoan (3,520 m/11,548 ft) 4 - 5 hours
  • DAY 11: Acclimatization day and morning excursion to Birendra lake & Free Afternoon
  • DAY 12: Trek to Samdu (3,875 m/12,713 ft) 4 hours
  • DAY 13: Trek Larke BC (4,460 m/14,632 ft) 3 - 4 hours
  • DAY 14: Cross Larke Pass (5,106 m/16,751 ft) and Bhimthang (3,700 m/12,139 ft) 8 - 10 hours
  • DAY 15: Trek to Tilje (2,300 m/7,544 ft)
  • DAY 16: Trek to Dharapani (1,960 m/6,430 ft) drive to Beshisahar (760 m/2,493 ft) and overnight stay
  • DAY 17: Early morning drive to Kathmandu
  • DAY 18: Transfer to the International Airport.

Important Note

The above itinerary is simply a guideline and is subject to alteration as per the circumstances. Your Group Leader is solely liable to bring about changes in the best interest of the group.


Manaslu circuit trek which which once served as a significant trading route between Nepal and Tibet is quite challenging. However, the gain in the elevation is very gradual that starts from 700 m/2296 ft to an altitude of 5106 m / 16,751 ft that eventually makes easy on acclimatization strategy. Anyone with sound fitness can join the trek. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate for someone with very weak ankles, knee, heart or lungs problems - necessary check-up and consent from your doctor is must.
Manaslu being a restricted area you need to be affiliated with the Local company and local guide and the permits required are : Special permit for M.C.A.P (Manaslu Conservation Area Project), A.C.A.P permit (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) and T.I.M.S (Trekking Information Management System). Prior to your arrival Nepal Pyramids arranges all the required permits.
Yes with Nepal Pyramids everybody reserves the right to customize their trip as per their requirements. However, with Manaslu Circuit trek we suggest to refer with Nepal Pyramids for the most convenient itinerary. This is because we don’t want to make it strenuous and next, we don’t want to give away with Larke pass owing to any health issues. We together can come up with a remarkable plan.
We don't personally recommend Manaslu during winter. From Mid December till the late February People from this region tend to escape the winter chill which results in the closure of tea-houses along the way. Due to the heavy snow fall and the extreme chill factor people specially from the settlements before and after the pass would head down to the warmer region temporarily abandoning their tea houses. So trekking in winter would result in much longer distance walking, and the chances of lunch place being closed is probable.
Manaslu Circuit is more than a moderate trek. With tight scheduled itinerary it can transform to strenuous trek as well. However, Nepal Pyramids itinerary is planned for a very slow altitude ascent to which anyone with sensible fitness can join. Anyone with medical history and under prescribed medication, weak lungs, heart, knee or ankle needs to seek medical consent before considering Manaslu Circuit trek. Some physical training is must to prepare grounds for ultimate trekking experience and fun.
Nepal Pyramids provides you with a very warm sleeping bag with fleece liner and wind-stopper duvet jackets with attach hood. We also provide you with Nepal Pyramids duffel bag to fit all your gears in, plastic bag to separate your clean clothes with the dirty ones.
Furthermore there is take away items like - Nepal Pyramids T-shirt, duffel bag, Trekking map and buff head-wear.
Usually your group leader sets up a ground for everyone in the group to stay together and walk collectively as a team. However, most of the time your group leader assigns job for the assistant guides to cater the separated group as for himself staying at the back with the slow walking people. But in no way people lose their charm of free strolling, everyone reserves the right to take his/her time and maintain their own pace. Nepal Pyramids team are very well organized with slow walking people.
Manalsu that falls under the district of Gorkha was the main epicenter for 2015 tragic earthquake. The consequences were definitely enormous. However, it didn’t make much difference. If you are there for a second time you may experience the change in the trekking trail yet it’s serviceable. The diversion in the trail was definite due to multiple landslides but the charm is still there. In fact Manaslu is now more flooded by tourist than it used to be.
Excluding Lunch BUT including multiple break that we take during our trek we usually walk around 6/9 hours. Since Manaslu circuit is feasible doing counter clockwise walking hours are longer also because there is more of gradual up walking trail. However, our Manaslu itinerary is designed to make your walk more relaxing in the serene beauty than making it exhausting. You have the freedom of free stroll (under your leaders supervision) and we set enough space for you the enjoy your trip.
With Local Company it’s unquestionably hassle free. Everything is covered and prearranged prior to your arrival in Nepal. Your local leaders are very well with the knowledge and region and can share necessary information more than anybody else. Local companies will be there with the prompt solution to any emergency situation that arises during your stay in Nepal.
Accommodation in Manaslu is reasonably basic due to the once unpopularity of the region. Only few years ago Manaslu wasn’t as popular as it is now. Until then it was more of a camping trek where tea houses started lately. Manaslu doesn’t yet provide the luxury like most popurlar destinations in Nepal do. Sharing room and Dormitory facility can be a typical story at Manaslu trekking. However, Nepal Pyramids always give our best to accommodate you in the best available tea houses.
You have variety of choices for the food and so far with Nepal Pyramids absolute contentment prevails in regards to meals and Local Tea-House.
It is always very wise to have an all-inclusive travel insurance policy covering all the aspects of your adventure that includes trip delays, cancellation, loss of property, sickness, or air evacuation. Though your leaders are highly trained to cope with any emergency situation yet sometimes even after the best of our precautions things happens. From everyday trekking injuries like sprained ankles to life-threatening conditions such as HAPE (high-altitude pulmonary edema) and natural disasters like avalanches and rock-falls, it’s important that you have the right travel insurance for the Everest Base Camp trek.
Acute mountain sickness is something more of a reaction that materializes in our body under lower rate of oxygen level. It’s a mountain ailment which is fatal. It’s hard to predict who of what age and physical fitness can actually get of A.M.S. However, Nepal Pyramids delivers professionals who are well equipped with medication and oxygen cylinders to deal with A.M.S. Besides, there are ample preventive strategies to deal any mountain sickness. Food poisoning, severe diarrhea, stomach problems are other very common mountain ailments that can be nightmarish than the A.M.S.
So fare with us there hasn't been any reports of Altitude sickness casualties in Manaslu. The trek has a very gradual ascent and all our high altitude itineraries are designed for proper acclimatization.
After the 2015 earthquake that caused enormous effect in the Manaslu region the charging facility may not be possible everywhere. It is always wise to carry some extra batteries or the fully charged power bank batteries to charge your devices - besides, your batteries run out pretty quick in the cold.
Over trivial cost all tea houses provide you with basic hot showers that includes solar shower, gas shower or the Bucket shower.
As for the WiFi - you need to be very well prepared to get going without internet for the next 2 weeks as there is less or no chance of WiFi in Manaslu region.


⭐ The early departure from Kathmandu hotel to Soti Khola, 8/9 hours’ drive through the unfamiliar narrow highway and countryside roadway is out of the ordinary with enormous landscape view at the backdrop.

⭐ Manaslu trek being remote and basic it’s less trodden where anyone can experience the thrill of being in the wilderness trekking from subtropical region to the alpine.

⭐ Walking into the deep cut gorges of Budi Gandaki River with ample suspension bridges and gigantic landscape setting with sky-high rock faces cliffs to your sides is more of an adventure.

⭐ Walking on the ancient salt-trading legendary route through the longstanding classic Gurung villages with its exceptional culture is way stunning than anything.

⭐ The close view of the magnificent extensive green hills, the Tibetan-Buddhist culture and to witness the territory of the rustic life style from the very first day is charismatic.

⭐ Getting closer to the 8th highest mountain of the world and a visit to a holy Birendra lake on your 10th and 11th day is sure to add up more excitement to your holiday.

⭐ Going over challenging but very rewarding Larke pass is a different experience that offers you a handsome opportunity to walk over the outstanding ancient salt trading valley with the stunning mountain views.

⭐ Eventually descending down to the most beautiful valley of Bhimthang and joining the classic Annapurna Circuit valley in the vastness of the Himalayas is worthwhile.


Detailed Itinerary

“Climb the mountain not to plant your flag, but to embrace the challenge, Climb it so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.”

Once you arrive in the Kathmandu airport your group leader will be there with Nepal Pyramids board to greet you and transfer you to the hotel. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal undoubtedly has a strong appeal with vigorous activities around. Relax and take pleasure cruising through the unfamiliar roads to the hotel.

• Pick up from the international airport.
• Transfer to hotel by your Group Leader.
• Short preliminary briefing.
• Explore Kathmandu in any case if you have arrive early.
• Welcome dinner and getting to know your group.

Today: it’s an exploration day. Your leader will introduce you to our city tour expert who will guide you to the most pious Hindu and Buddhist religious place that are listed in the world heritage sites. He is a professional and will shed lights over the entire mysticism over its existence.

• Fabulous Breakfast in the hotel itself.
• Meet-up at 9am for the tour.
• Visit to Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath.
• Getting together for trek briefing as per the time given by your leader.
• Distribution of company’s trek equipment’s.

4 wheel drive to Soti Khola via Aroghat is a beautiful experience. Leaving Kathmandu we drive through adventurous twisting roadway with so much to see on the way. Despite the slender roadway the view of lush vegetation will surely make your day.

• 7/8 hours’ drive.
• Early drive to Aroghat to skip any uncertainty of traffic jam.
• Fabulous scenery and mountain view at the backdrop as you cruise through this new roads.
• Lunch stop in a beautifully located village with excellent choice of food.
• After lunch, you drive through the jagged countryside road is another fascination.
• Once we get to the beautiful town of Aroghat we take a local bus to drive us further to to our destination, Soti khola.
• Overnight stay in this small but interesting settlement. Fabulous dinner and briefing from your group leader.

Today after breakfast we start our first day trek along the wide roadway and crossing our first suspension bridge. We literally enter into the valley of Manaslu now, a profound deep gorge with high mounting cliffs to your either sides which is overwhelming. We walk the undulating trial following the famous Budi Gandaki River. On the way you will witness the effect of 2015 earthquake. The name MachchaKhola means ‘Fish River’ – the name itself suggest that this beautiful village is situated closer to the fresh river which is very exciting.

• Wake up to the fresh air that will revitalize your morning.
• 4 hours of pleasant undulating walk through deep river valley until lunch.
• Delightful walk along the deep valley with the view of series of beautiful waterfall.
• The scenic beauty, deep gorges among soaring cliffs is phenomenal.
• Lunch at Lafubesi, the small settlement but glorious food.
• Wonderful walk occasionally along the river bank of Budi Gandaki is pleasing.
• Being in the town of Machchakhola, the village with medieval atmosphere is remarkable and worth an effort.

We have termed Manalu as the “Land of the Suspension Bridge” and today you would realize why? Leaving Machchakhola we walk through the earthquake rehabilitation shelter area that will eventually takes us the big village of Khorlebesi. After the effortless hour walk we get the village of natural hot spring, Tatopani. The next uneven trail lands us to the village of Dovan for lunch. After lunch we walk the valley and cliff trail crossing multiple bridges and beautiful villages to Jagat.

• Fabulous walk along the valley of Budi Gandaki with so much to see and learn.
• Crossing ample suspension bridge is exciting.
• Today you would also cross one very unusual cliff bridge which is a highlight.
• We take a small break at Tatopani to enjoy the natural hot spring.
• Walking over the few landslide trails which exists after the 2015 earthquake is interesting.
• All the Chorten and prayer wall on the way and in villages gives you the sense of Tibetan Buddhism influence.

To acclimate well for the pass we take is slow in gaining elevation. To make your adventure not very fatiguing we walk a short destination today. Leaving Jagat we cross a suspension bridge with a view of beautiful waterfall. Furthermore the valley starts opening today and this beautiful countryside trail takes you to the prosperous town of Phillim.

• Delightful walk with stunning views.
• Today’s short walk goes through number of beautiful settlements.
• The ancient setting of the village GhatteKhola is an attraction where a small break is worth taking.
• The view of vibrant hills and deep gorges provides you with a soothing charm.
• Lunch at Phillim and afternoon activity of village exploration OR hot shower and relax.

Leaving Phillim we walk an effortless trail crossing suspension bridges and through the beautiful pine forested trial to Nayak Phedi. Todays walk offers a great mountain view. It is more into the woodland trail of bamboo, ferns, pine, oak, Magnolia, and ample suspension bridges. Gradually we get to the village of Dyeng for lunch and eventually to the settlement of Bihi Phedi for overnight stay.

• Beautiful view of Siringi Himal and Boudha Himal.
• Trekking over the cliff trail is very stirring.
• Most enchanting walk through woodland trail of bamboo, ferns, pine, oak and Magnolia.
• Despite a little distant walk, lunch at Dyang, a very basic village settlement is worth it.
• Overnight at Bihi Phedi, small but beautiful place to stay.

After breakfast we walk an effortless undulating trail that takes us to the small village of Bhijan. Today’s walk is basically into the trail of beautiful forest setting with huge pine and coniferous trees. Gradually we walk over the suspension bridge, cliff trail and the beautiful framing pastures that takes us to yet another attractive village if Gap. Before Namrung you would be walking into the new trail that is there after the earthquake. Despite being new it’s awesome- feel the difference.

• Today is a short walk once again giving you ample time for acclimatization.
• The view of beautiful farming pastures is simply incredible.
• Ample small cultural settlements in this hidden valley are another attraction.
• Being in this pretty landscape, deep valley, cliff trail, and soaring cliffs is magical and very serene.
• After lunch you have free afternoon for hot showers and setting up your tomorrows plan.

Lho gives you the most awaited view of the world’s 8th highest mountain Manaslu at its best. This is yet another short walk to arrange ample ground for acclimatization and to prepare for the soon coming challenging Larke pass. Leaving behind the deep valley and cliff trail today we walk more into the wide Himalayan meadow trail. Progressively walking through multiple small villages the trail will eventually connect to the path that leads to Himal Chuli Base camp.

• Walk to Lho is incredible with several charming cultural village en-routes.
• The view of snow-capped mountains like Himal Chuli and Nayke Peak is awe-inspiring.
• Enjoy your enchanting walk in the wide Himalayan meadow like trail.
• Feel the serenity of the region that is peacefully calm and soothing.
• Witness the Tibetan Buddhism influence with numerous Chortens and Prayer walls on the way.
• Lunch at Lho itself and free afternoon for self-exploration.
• Grandiose view of Manaslu – the spirit mountain and the world’s 8th highest.

Leaving Lho we ascend to the ridge of the village with huge Prayer wall with amazingly built Stupa. Once again we enter into the forested trail of pine providing you with soothing shade against the scorching sun. Passing the solitary but beautiful hydro-plant building we get to the extended village of Shyala that has a phenomenal primeval setting. Pass the village we walk the wide version of Himalayan trail with pine and juniper tree which eventually takes us to the handsome looking village of Samagoan.

• Short walk to Samagoan with free afternoon.
• Being in valley with dramatic landscape and forest setting is astonishing
• Walk in the pleasant Himalayan meadow with the View of Manaslu and its neighboring range.
• The old Samagoan gives you the feeling of primitiveness and the village setting itself has a very ancient setting.
• Free afternoon to relax and feel the thin air.

• Samagoan offers several options for excursions.
• Morning 1 and ½ hours amazing walk for acclimatization to Birendra Lake.
• Grandiose view of Manaslu, its base camp and the expedition route to the summit.
• Afternoon can be utilized exploring the old village of Samagoan which is sure to be an incredible experience.
• The close view of the magnificent mountain, extensive green hills, the Tibetan Buddhist culture is charismatic
• Free afternoon where you can several other activities including self-exploration.

Soon after breakfast today we start with a beautiful walk in the wide valley trail with impressive view of the show peak around. We continue with an effortless trail towards the valley that is closer to the Tibetan boarder. Though a short walk, the temptation of stopping every now and then to take mind-boggling pictures can’t be denied. Samagoan and the trails onward propose so much opportunity for great pictures.

• Short walk into the extended Himalayan meadow is simply unbelievable.
• Offers anyone with the dramatic view of the mountain and the valley.
• So much opportunity for photography – where you need not have to be a professional.
• A very rewarding moment that is very tranquil with no rush since it’s a short day trek.
• Slow walking is recommended for health safety; listen to your leader for guidance regarding altitude pressure.
• Free afternoon for short exploration and card game.

Today we enter into the Alpine away from the tree line area. With absolutely no urgency to reach our destination today we take it very slow and easy. We take it easy as today is short day trek and secondly the altitude matters. Intake of adequate fluids, multiple breaks and thousands photos is highly recommended. The enchanting walk today takes you into the basin literally enclosed by the majestic mountains. This valley of Shangri-La is very breathtaking that finally takes you to the very basic yet exhilarating settlement of Dharmasala.

• Walking into the valley of Shangri-La.
• You get very closer to the mountains including a grand view of Manaslu and it summit.
• Wonderful view of the glacier and the alpine terrain.
• Being at the very Basic settlement of Dharmasala – also known as Larke pass Base camp is thrilling.
• Explore the alpine terrain of base camp and feel the high altitude chill factor.
• During free afternoon you may prepare for your tomorrows Big Day.

We start very early today to get over the pass as quick as possible and to skip the wind chill factor in the summit. The Larke pass trail is considered one among the longest but not as technical as most high passes in Nepal. Usually it is impressive to see the line of people with their lights cruising into this deep mountainous valley. Gradually with the coming of the morning sun you would find yourself into the moraine-glacier trail offering you with magnificent view around. After the pass trekking down the gravelly trail is quite tricky but being at the Paradise like Bhimthang is a greatest reward of all.

• Starting early with so many other trekkers over the brightness of the head torches is fascinating.
• Going over the daring LARKE PASS (5106 m/16,751 ft) the highest point in the Manaslu circuit trek is a great accomplishment of a lifetime.
• Walking into this very untouched alpine trail has so much to offer in terms of adventure and scenery.
• Descending to Bhimthang, with grand view of numerous peaks and Ponker Lake is awe-inspiring.
• Overnight stay at Bhimthang, a place with a paradise like setting which is surrounded by magnanimous snow-capped mountains.

After breakfast, we start our walk with a reasonable descend and get to the tree line area. This valley walk into the woodland of pine and coniferous is fascinating. Anyone would be very amazed to witness this diverse face of Manaslu which is entirely different to what we have done so far. It’s a great combination of mountains, hills, forests and river with beautiful villages. Gradually we get to a village of Goa for lunch and eventually reach the beautiful settlement of Tilje.

• Effortless walk with the grand view of Manaslu, vibrant landscape and lush forest.
• Sensational adventure into the river valley and woodland with so much deadwoods around that has been conserved for ages.
• Lunch at Goa is very deserving with its exquisiteness.
• Getting back to the tree line is pleasurable.
• Being at the peaceful village of Tilje for overnight is rewarding.

Today we enter into a different district of Manang. We further descend to the village of Dharpani and finally connect with the legendary Annapurna Circuit Trial. This hour and a half walk to Dharapani is yet another enchanting walk. We take a 4 wheel drive to Dharapani. Enjoy a great drive along with an amazing view and a very delicious local organic lunch in between your drive.

• Short walk to Dharpani is incredible.
• Entering into a different district and to have an opportunity to walk in the legendary trail of Annapurna circuit is priceless.
• Driving into the Marshyangdi valley is exceptionally overwhelming.
• Organic lunch in one of the beautiful village en-route.
• Getting to Beshisahar, the prosperous town of the British Gorkhas is very entertaining.
• Being it a last night party and staff tipping follows.

Driving 173 km/107 miles to Kathmandu, back to the capital city.

• End of your trekking days
• 7/8 hours’ drive.
• Early morning drive to Kathmandu to skip any uncertainty of traffic jam.
• Fabulous scenery and Mountain View at the backdrop as you navigate through this new roads.
• Lunch stop in one of the highway restaurant with its excellent food choices.

Depending on your flight schedule airport transportation will be provided.

Dates & Cost

Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price Status
US$ 1565 Book Now


Cost Includes

All Essential Permits + Manaslu Special permit.
✅ Airport pickups and drops facility on both Domestic and International flights.
✅ Three star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu on Bed / Breakfast basis.
✅ Welcome dinner in a typical traditional Nepali restaurant.
✅ Half day guided city sightseeing with paid entrance fee.
All ground Staff, their Allowances + Insurance.
Private 4 wheel drive to the preferred destination.
✅ Fundamental trekking gears like sleeping bag, down jacket fleece liner etc.
✅ Tea-house accommodation or tented camp as per the trek.
✅ Meals (Lunch, dinner, breakfast with hot beverages) during trek.
Properly boiled hot water for drinking every morning and evening.
✅ An accomplished, medically trained trekking Group Leader.
✅ Oxygen cylinders and an all-inclusive medical kit on all trips.
Take away Nepal Pyramids duffel bag, T-shirt and trekking Map.
✅ All Government and Local tax.
✅ Porter service.

Cost Excludes

❌ Fee levied on Nepali visa.
❌ All personal expenses including Food while in Kathmandu/Pokhara.
❌ International flight fares.
❌ Medical examination or emergency rescues.
❌ Donations.
❌ Staff Tipping.
❌ Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival.
❌ Travel or medical insurance.
❌ Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.
❌ Other personal expenses – laundry, battery charges, shower etc.