Island Peak Climbing:

The number of days required for Island Peak Climbing will be dispersed as:

  • Trekking Days:              17 Days.
  • Kathmandu Stay:        04 Days.
  • Departure Day:             01 Day.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hillary

NOTE: To make it hassle free and less expensive we provide all the climbing gears that includes twin sharing member tent, ropes, boots, Alpine Climbing Harness, Rappel device, crampons, ice-axes etc.

Peak climbing in Nepal has so much to offer as in comparison to regular alpine trekking. With the amount of peaks and varied destination that Nepal has to offer to the travelers, it certainly is an ultimate destination for peak climbers. Island Peak is indeed filled with spectacular scenery and has certainly proved to be an experience not found elsewhere. Island peak Climbing with EBC is an awesome way to experience the thrill of both Trekking and Climbing in Nepal.

Speak of 6000 meter Peak Climbing in Nepal and Island peak surpasses all the other climbing peaks of its elevation category. This 22 Days trek is filled with tons of adventure and excitement. It certainly combines the joy of being at the base of world highest mountain and climbing the celebrated Mountain.

Island peak climbing with Everest Base camp is basically designed for people who are ready to go an extra mile to experience the pleasure of adventure. Furthermore, it is for those who are ready to undertake the challenge of achieving the nobler part of themselves. This expedition definitely is an excellent choice to experiment yourself of how far you would go to question your weakness.

Island Peak Climbing Trip Summary:

This rewarding 22 Days trip start with flying to the most beautiful airstrip of Lukla. Situated at the height of 2,840 m/9,317 ft, Lukla is beatutiful. Gradually walking through the ancient trail and Sherpa community settlements with the most amazing view we get to the base of the world highest mountain. After the completion of adventurous trek to Everest base camp (5360 m) and Kalapathar (5545 m), we head back 1000 m down to Dingboche (4350 m). Consequently, this would be more like a ‘walk high sleep low’ strategy.

Next day we take Imja Valley for Island Peak base camp. A distinguished British Mountaineer, Eric Shipton named ‘Island Peak’ (6189 m / 20,305 ft) in 1951 and renamed as Imja Tse in 1983. At Island peak base camp the cook is accountable for all the diverse meals. They are broadly trained in regards to hygiene, preparing meal variety and presentation. They are masters at preparing selections of food under less than ideal condition. Our accomplished climbing Sherpa will conduct a clinical course on required climbing skills and safety measures.

Island peak expedition has always served as a preparation arena for mountaineers before scaling any high peaks. This Trip offers anyone with exhilarating adventure experience with its challenges and breathtaking views from the summit. Besides Island Peak we also organize other fascinating peak climbing in Nepal like Mera Peak climbing, Lobuche East Climbing, Amadablam Expedition and many more.

Short Itinerary

  • DAY 01: Arrive to Kathmandu (1400 m/4,593 ft)
  • DAY 02: Half day city tour/ afternoon trek briefing and preparation / welcome dinner.
  • DAY 03: Fly to Lukla (2,840 m/9,317 ft) and trek to Phakding (2,610 m/8,562 ft) 3 - 4 hours
  • DAY 04: Trek to Namche (3,450 m/11,318 ft) 6 - 7 hours
  • DAY 05: Acclimatization day at Namche /morning excursion.
  • DAY 06: Trek to Khumjung (3,780 m/12,401 ft) 3 hours
  • DAY 07: Trek to Phortse (3,810 m/12,500 ft) 6 - 7 hours
  • DAY 08: Trek to Dingbuche (4,350 m/14,271 ft) 7 - 8 hours
  • DAY 09: Acclimatization day at Dingbuche, morning excursion.
  • DAY 10: Trek to Lobuche (4,910 m/16,108 ft) 5 hours
  • DAY 11: Trek to Gorakshep (5,189 m/17,024 ft) 3 hours and Trek to Everest base camp 4 hours (two ways)
  • DAY 12: Morning excursion to Kalapathar (5,545 m/18,192 ft) and trek to Dingbuche.
  • DAY 13: Trek to Island Peak Base camp (5,000 m/16,404 ft) 5 - 6 hours
  • DAY 14: Rest Day + Clinical course conducted by the Climbing Sherpa.
  • DAY 15: Mid night wake up and set off for Summit (6,189 m/20,305 ft) - Achievements
  • DAY 16: Extra day in case of any weather circumstances.
  • DAY 17: Trek to Pangbuche (3,930 m/12,893 ft) - 5 Hours
  • DAY 18: Trek to Namche - 5 - 6 Hours - Back to the Treeline.
  • DAY 19: Trek to Lukla 8 Hours - Last night get-together
  • DAY 20: Fly to Kathmandu - 35 / 40 minutes with an Awesome view.
  • DAY 21: Contingency day in Kathmandu in case of flight cancellation.
  • DAY 22: Departure day - Transfer to the International Airport

Important Note

The above itinerary is simply a guideline and is subject to alteration as per the circumstances. Your group leader is solely liable to bring about changes in the best interest of the group.

Flight Delay/Cancellation in Kathmandu and Lukla:

The unpredictability of Flights flying to and from Lukla airport, the gateway to Mount Everest and the world’s most electrifying airport is pretty evident from its history of delays and cancellation. Diverse factors leads to the situation of cancellation including the weather, technical issues, poor visibility etc. In such conditions, Nepal Pyramids will charter a helicopter to make certain that you don’t miss your trip or your international flight. But again under these circumstances the possibility of flying helicopter depends on the Nepal Civil Aviation flying rules.

Travelers are to pay the cost of the chartered helicopter which is payable through cash, traveler’s cheques, or credit cards (Visa and Master Cards only). Travelers will be provided with receipt upon payment so that they may claim the amount from their travel insurance. The cost per person depends on the number of people taking this facility.

Why extra night in Kathmandu???

After the trip, travelers have one additional leisure day in Kathmandu, the living heritage city, which in reality is a contingency day in case of Lukla – Kathmandu flight cancellation under certain circumstances. This certainly gives anyone more of a chance to explore Kathmandu, the capital, ‘The Shining Pearl of Asia’ with its beautiful temples, monuments and time honored legends and history. The city undeniably has so much to offer anyone with thrilling tour experience. Nepal Pyramids will always be there to assist you with your city exploration.


Previous climbing experience unquestionably helps yet no prior experience is required for Island Peak climbing. However, sensible physical fitness is obligatory with lots of physical preparation prior to your arrival in Nepal. Additionally, at Island Peak Base Camp our skilled climbing Sherpa along with your Group leader will demonstrate a practical climbing course that gives you sufficient acquaintances about walking and all the necessary climbing skills. We typically prepare everyone with much awareness before summiting island Peak.
Island peak 6189m / 20,305 feet is no doubt an Alpine PD+ grade peak which is physically challenging and demanding. However, it’s not something unattainable; anyone with reasonable health can accomplish the goal. All we need is an well managed acclimatization strategy which we deliver - besides Nepal Pyramids itinerary for Island Peak Climbing is so designed that anyone can benefit with ample time for acclimatization which matters most into thin air. Anybody with sensible fitness can join but anyone with personal ailments, ankle problem, heart, lungs and knee problems need to seek the consent of your doctor which is mandatory before you sign up for Island Peak.
Little homework is must.
It is always very tricky to predict the weather in the mountain and anyone flying high to these high altitude airports must be aware of the fact that the delays and cancellation are common episode. Besides, our airport having one single airstrip for both international and domestic the probability of delays are high. In similar way anyone flying Lukla must be prepared to take these circumstances with patience. However, it’s not a daily story. And it’s always very wise to have a contingency day in Kathmandu to cushion any cancellation situation. Though listed as a Dangerous Airport in the world the pleasure of flying in is an experience of a lifetime which is not to be missed. In fact what’s the point of living a life in fear?
For Island peak climbing you would need a National Park permits, T.I.M.S card (trekking information management system) and The Climbing permits. $20 additional permit if you are trekking from Jiri however, Nepal Pyramids takes all the hassle of obtaining the permit prior to your arrival in Kathmandu.
The best alternative to 35 minutes flight in Lukla is walking from Jiri but that will without doubt add up more days to your itinerary including the long hour rugged drive to Jiri. It is time consuming as well unless you have enough time and are all geared up to explore the paradise like Jiri. However walk from Jiri to Everest is another breathtaking adventure. Next alternative will be taking a Helicopter to Lukla that will certainly add up additional cost to your package.
Nepal Pyramids provides you with a very warm sleeping bag with fleece liner and wind-stopper duvet jackets with attach hood. We also provide you with Nepal Pyramids duffel bag to fit all your gears in, plastic bag to separate your clean clothes with the dirty ones.

To make it hassle free and less expensive we provide all the climbing gears that includes two member tent, ropes, boots, crampons, ice-axe etc.

With Nepal Pyramids you have every right to modify the itinerary as per the time convenient to you and the level of fitness of the group.
Family Oriented Lodges which Nepal Pyramids use are at its best offering you the comfort experience and its typical local environment. It’s basically the extension of their own houses that offers you twin bed sharing room with common toilets. You have variety of choices for the food and so far with Nepal Pyramids absolute contentment prevails in regards to meals and Local Tea-House.

At Island Peak base camp our cook are professional in preparing variety of food under less than ideal condition.
They are the master chef who out of glacier water, pre-packed food and frozen vegetables can come up with astonishing delightful food items.
Mineral water is rampant in Everest region yet Nepal Pyramids, for environmental concern we are opposed to the use of disposable plastic bottles on any of our trips to Nepal Himalayas. With no additional cost all through the trek and island peak base camp our staff will supply you with appropriately boiled water every morning and evening for which at least 2 metal or plastic Nalgene bottles are recommended. In case you ran out of the delivered water you can always buy boiled and filtered water from the tea houses along the way at minimal charges.

Unlimited hot water supply at island peak base camp though not for hot shower.
Usually your group leader sets up a ground for everyone in the group to stay together and walk collectively as a team. However, most of the time your group leader assigns job for the assistant guides to cater the separated group as for himself staying at the back with the slow walking people.

while climbing Island peak you will be very well looked after by your leader and climbing sherpa with absolutely no stress. In no way people lose their charm of free strolling, everyone reserves the right to take his/her time and maintain their own pace.
Usually not more than 6/9 hours excluding lunch. Walking from Island peak base camp to the summit and back to base camp exclusively depends upon your pace. After 12 days of walking together your group leader will be the best person to give you the exact hours for island peak. However, we allow you ample time for acclimatization and to enjoy the serenity of trekking in Everest region.
With the progression of technology the cell phone network is available in almost every place in the Everest region except for few significant places. Wi-Fi and 4G data is accessible depending on where you are and the network coverage.

Whereas at Island Peak base camp we provide satellite phone to make calls during emergency though not for any personal call.
Acute mountain sickness is something more of a reaction that materializes in our body under lower rate of oxygen level. It’s a mountain ailment which is fatal. It’s hard to predict who of what age and physical fitness can actually get AMS. However, Nepal Pyramids delivers professionals who are well equipped with medication and oxygen cylinders to deal with AMS. Besides, there are ample preventive strategies to deal any mountain sickness. In case of altitude sickness your leader will examine the severity and give you necessary reference that includes descent, hiring a horse, or prompt air evacuation. Food poisoning, severe diarrhea, stomach problems are other very common mountain ailments that can be nightmarish than the AMS.
It is always very wise to have an all-inclusive travel insurance policy covering all the aspects of your adventure that includes trip delays, cancellation, loss of property, sickness, or air evacuation. Though your leaders are highly trained to cope with any emergency situation yet sometimes even after the best of our precautions things happens. From everyday trekking injuries like sprained ankles to life-threatening conditions such as HAPE (high-altitude pulmonary edema) and natural disasters like avalanches and rock-falls, it’s important that you have the right travel insurance for the Island peak climbing.


⭐ Flying in a twin-otter plane to a small Lukla airport at the elevation of 2840 m is more adventurous and startling.

⭐ Walking on the legendary trekking trail through the Sherpa village with its exceptional culture is way stunning than anything.

⭐ Visit to the Khmujung Monastery and witnessing the Scalp of mythical creature [Yeti] will surely add up to your legendary quest.

⭐ The close view of the magnificent mountain, extensive green hills, the Tibetan-Buddhist culture and to witness the territory of the yaks from the very first day is charismatic.

⭐ View of world’s highest peak and its neighboring mountains and spectacular landscapes that get closer everyday eventually makes you appreciate about trekking being an ultimate holiday.

⭐ Trek to Island Peak Base Camp is a different experience that offers you a handsome opportunity to walk through the outstanding valley of Imja.

⭐ Camping food is what anyone would need at this situation.

⭐ Mid night wake-up call and eventually summiting Island peak with exquisite scenic beauty is a great accomplishment of a lifetime where you would realize why Eric Shipton named it as Island Peak in 1951.

⭐ Finally we bid farewell to our island peak base camp crew and trace back to Lukla and flying in a small twin-otter plane back to Kathmandu is breathtaking leaving you with so much contentment and appreciation.
Outline itinerary:

Detailed Itinerary

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves” – Edmund Hillary


Soon you land in Kathmandu airport your group leader will be there with Nepal Pyramids board to greet you and transfer you to the hotel. Despite, the capital city of Nepal certainly being the busiest with hectic traffic it undoubtedly has a strong appeal with local splendor and vigorous activities around, where you can simply relax and take pleasure in the fun of driving through the unfamiliar roads.

• Pick up from the international airport.
• Transfer to hotel by your Group Leader.
• Short preliminary briefing.
• Arriving early gives you an opportunity to explore Kathmandu.
• Welcome dinner and getting to know each other.

Today would be the most exhilarating day where your leader introduces you to our city tour expert who guides you to the most pious Hindu and Buddhist religious place that are listed in the world heritage sites and elucidates you the entire mysticism over its existence.

• Breakfast depending on your choice and preference.
• Meet-up at 9 am for the tour.
• Visit to Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath.
• Lunch on your preference.
• Getting together for trek briefing as per the time given by your leader.
• Distribution of company’s trekking and climbing equipment’s.

This 3/4 hours easy walk on the legendary trekking trail through the cultured Sherpa villages with its exceptional beauty and the view of stunning landscape, deep valley and Dudh Koshi gorge is unique.

• Flying in a twin-otter plane to a small Lukla airport at the elevation of 2840m
• Beautiful walk through the series of stunning native settlement
• Phenomenal sight of profound gorges, ancient farming terraces and the scenic beauty at the backdrop is something special on the very first day.
• Overnight stay at stunning Phakding, fabulous dinner and briefing by your leader along with number of fascinating stories.

Today we will start early for Namche Bazaar, the capital and the Administrative Center of the Khumbu district. It’s more of a luxurious city in the middle of no way in the midst of remoteness and thin air. Despite long hours walk it’s far more than just trekking. Give time to adapt your body with thin air. It’s not a matter about proving your physical strength, its more about taking pleasure with steady ascend.

• Wake up call as set by your leader
• 3 hours gentle walk through series of pleasant villages to the last settlement of Jorsale for lunch
• Crossing of 5 high suspension bridges is daring.
• The scenic beauty, deep gorges of soaring cliffs at the backdrop is phenomenal.
• Being at Namche, the dream land is remarkable which is worth an effort.

• 1 and ½ hours amazing walk for acclimatization.
• Walk to Syangbuche, one of the enchanting place in the region with the world’s highest airstrip.
• The close view of the magnificent mountain, extensive green hills, the Tibetan Buddhist culture and to witness the territory of the yaks is charismatic
• The first view of the world’s highest mountain (Mt. Everest)

Short and relaxing walk to the “Valley inside the Clouds”, Khumjung, situated at the base of the holy mountain, Khumbiyela is exceptionally sensational. Khumjung, the green hidden valley is indeed very enchanting with its extent making it one of the largest settlement in the region and with all the green painted roofs giving it more of a peaceful appearance.

• 2 and ½ hours easy walk
• Visit to yak farm, school built by Edmund Hillary and the Khumjung monastery to witness the scalp of the yeti is another legendary quest.
• Free afternoon for self-exploration around the village of Khumjung.

We skip the overcrowded traditional trial and explore the lower section of Gokyo valley with the most amazing setting.

• Fabulous walk to the ridge of Mong-La with stunning mountain views.
• Deep drop to the Gokyo gorge for lunch with chances to see musk deer
• Unlike many other settlement the terraced village of Phortse is special of its kind

Leaving Phortse we take the high trail, considered to be one of the most beautiful trails with outstanding view of enormous mountain and deep valley. Dingbuche, situated at the foot of soaring Amadablam Mountain is another attraction.

• Beautiful walk with the most beautiful view
• Chances to witness the musk deer, mountain goat and different birds
• Effortless walk to Pangbuche and fabulous lunch at Somare village
• Next painless walk to Dingbuche where the valley opens wide with its magnificence.
 View of countless other neighboring mountains that now opens clear.

• Morning excursion for acclimatization after breakfast
• 360 degree mountain view including Island Peak and Makalu ( world’s 5th highest mountain)
• From the point of excursion, aerial view of Imja valley and Dingbuche village.
• Free afternoon for self-exploration.

Away from the tree line area, gradual ascent is recommended. Today is another beautiful walk where mountains like Cholatse, Lobuche and Pumori unfolds before us in this contrasting and spectacular landscape

• Gradual up walk in the wide Himalayan meadow is peaceful
• Walking up to the memorial plateau with hundreds of memorial built after the memory of people who met with tragedy in different mountains of Everest is remarkable.
• Getting to Lobuche a small settlement at the foot of Lobuche peak is significant.

Leaving Lobuche this 3 hours walk to Gorak Shep is out of the ordinary through the rocky moraine undulating trail. Gorak Shep, the spectacular village is surround by Pumari (7145 m), Lingtren (6697 m), Nuptse (7745 m) and of course Everest (8848 m).

• Spectacular view of the khumbu ice fall with soaring mountain
• Trek to fascinating Everest base camp after lunch
• View of the base camp and the blue ice pinnacles of the ice-fall is astonishing
• Challenging but very rewarding walk to the fro from the base camp

Now is the time for epic climb to Kalapathar, the point to value your dream and the sensational Himalayan vistas all around. The climb is challenging but the view from the top surpasses the wildest imagination. After making historic success to Everest Base Camp and Kalapattar, we will descend down to Dingbuche descending at least a 1000 m below.

• Phenomenal sunrise view
• A very rewarding moment being at 5545 m with exceptional panoramic mountain view.
• Overnight at Dingbuche, which is way tranquil being away from all the hardship and the thin air.
• Much relaxed after descending 1000 m of elevation.

We set our early this morning after breakfast for Island peak base camp through the epic trail along the Imja River. We walk along the ridges of moraines and beautiful valley with the view of deep gorges and soaring Lhotse at the backdrop. Beautiful accommodation at the tented camp.

• Moderate walk to Chhukung through imja valley
• Get to see wild sea-buckthorn growing all around.
• Pleasant walk into the Imja valley with grandiose views.
• It’s quite amazing to see all the lively activities at the Base Camp.

Today it’s more of a relax day with morning breakfast in a tented dining hall in the enchanting land setting of island peak base camp. Later after breakfast we gear up for your clinical course, a pre-climbing training that will be conducted by our professional climbing guide. The course basically includes the proper use of equipment’s, safety measures etc. Early dinner as you will be starting around midnight for the summit.

• Waking up in an isolated yet very lively island peak base camp is remarkable.
• Fun time with all the climbing techniques and clinical course conducted by your climbing leader.
• Free afternoon to explore the tented town of Island peak
• Early dinner as the wake-up call is set around midnight for the Island peak summit.

Everyone will be waking up at midnight and soon after we are done with our quick breakfast we set out into the darkness into the unfamiliar path with our headlamps. It’s very marvelous to see the line of lights following the mountain trail that goes high up into the horizon literally seems like touching the night sky. We ascend with very gradual pace through the vertical rocky gully that eventually lands us into the Crampon Point where we fix our climbing equipment’s and set off into the icy trail with crevasses for the Island Peak summit.

• Waking up early and walking in darkness following the lights and foot of other is very adventurous.
• Challenging walk into the rocky gullies with no established trail is daring.
• Going over few open Crevasses is something very exciting.
• In the summit, great sense of accomplishment with grandiose unbelievable panoramic view.
• Celebration with cake prepared by our cook out of limited or no resources.

This is a contingency day for Island Peak summit in case of cancellation out of any circumstances particularly bad weather.

With the great feeling of accomplishment we will stroll our way down to a beautiful Sherpa settlement of Pangboche. Start breathing normal again since you are in a tree line area.

• A moderate day
• Back in the tree line
• Getting back to normal away from the thin air after a long time is wonderful.

We retrace our steps back to Namche getting ourselves back to the tree line area where you would realize your breathing getting back to normal. It’s pretty wonderful looking back on our effort to the incredible Island Peak from the Tyengbuche ridge. Visiting the Tyengbuche monastery and walk to Namche on a fresh route makes anyone cheerful of their accomplishment.

• Effortless walk to Tyengbuche monastery, the most active monastery in the Everest region.
• Visit to the monastery and lighting the butter lamp is an incredible experience
• Witness the untold history and the activities of Tyengbuche
• Give yourself a break at Namche either with drinks or buying souvenirs.

Being it a last night fun activities follows with dancing, eating, drinking and tipping.

Sensational flight back to the capital city of Kathmandu. You have a contingency day in Kathmandu in case of Lukla-Kathmandu flight cancellation which can be appropriately exploited exploring around the city that has so much to offer.

• Morning flight to Kathmandu
• Explore the Capital City of Kathmandu as per your requirements.

Depending on your flight schedule airport transportation will be provided. Your leader will be there to send you off home.

Dates & Cost

Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price Status
US$ 2590 Book Now


Cost Includes

✅ National park entry fees, conservation fees, trekking permit, TIMS permit.
✅ Island peak expedition permit.
✅ Airport pickups and drops facility on both Domestic and International flights.
✅ Three star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu on Bed / Breakfast basis.
✅ Half day guided city sightseeing with paid entrance fee.
✅ All Government and Local tax.
✅ Fundamental trekking gears like sleeping bag, down jacket fleece liner etc.
✅ Tea-house accommodation or tented camp as per the trek.
✅ Properly boiled hot water for drinking every evening and morning.
✅ Meals (Lunch, dinner, breakfast with hot beverages) during trek.
✅ Two member tents facility and kitchen crew at Island Peak base camp with hot meals.
✅ An accomplished trekking Group Leader and assistant guides.
✅ An accomplished climbing guide.
✅ Staff insurance.
All climbing equipment’s including climbing boots.
✅ Oxygen cylinders and an all-inclusive medical kit on all trips.
Take away Nepal Pyramids duffel bag, T-shirt, Buff (multi functional head-wear) and trekking Map.
✅ Porter service.
✅ Porters’ Clothing.

Cost Excludes

❌ Fee levied on Nepali visa.
❌ All personal expenses including Food while in Kathmandu.
❌ International flight fares.
❌ Medical examination or emergency rescues.
❌ Donations.
❌ Staff Tipping.
❌ Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival.
❌ Travel or medical insurance.
❌ Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.
❌ Other personal expenses – laundry, battery charges, shower etc.