Annapurna Circuit Trek – 16 Days

The number of days required for Annapurna Circuit Trek 16 days will be dispersed as:

• Trekking Days:          11 Days.
• Kathmandu Stay:     03 Days.
• Pokhara stay:            01 Days.
• Departure Day:         01 Day.

“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable”

This epic trek takes you to the spiritual land which used to be the world’s no. 1 trekking destination during departed years. The Annapurna circuit trek 16 Days is by far the most admired and beautiful trekking destination of all. This 16 days classical trek route once served as a fundamental salt trading route between Nepal and Tibet. Figuratively, this ancient salt trading route has so much variety to deliver to the travelers. It certainly offers anyone with varied topographic setting, history, culture and pictorial luxury.

Moreover, it affords you with ample opportunity to understand the culture of the people popularly known as Gurungs. It is very wisely said that “if you are to understand the culture of Nepal, go for Annapurna circuit trek”. That’s because the range of variety that this trek offers to the people is indeed very unique nowhere to be found.

Attributes of Annapurna circuit trek 16 Days:

Annapurna circuit Trek 16 Days cruises into the divine topography setting with deep gorges, high cliffs, majestic mountains and ancient farming terraces. Moreover, this trek comprises of four different constituency of Nepal namely – Lamjung, Manang, Mustang and Kaski. Unlike EVEREST TREKKING the variety of natural decor and culture that it delivers to the travelers makes it one of the most awe-inspiring destinations of all. The everyday shifting transformation in the vegetation and landscape from sub-tropical to desert and to the alpine is intensely very fascinating. No wonder Annapurna Circuit Trek was once No. 1 trekking destination in the world.

The trek starts off with a gradual ascent from 900 m through tropical lush woodland region into the deep valley of Marshyangdi. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a stopover in the spectacular local settlements that are cozy homes to the travelers. Getting to Manang after walking into the deep exquisite gullies and several suspension bridges is miraculous. It offers you a grandiose view of Annapurna massif which is simply phenomenal.

Going over the world’s highest navigable pass, Thorang La is indeed very challenging yet very rewarding. Enjoying your last night with your local staff in the windy valley of Jomsom is something very exciting. The morning flight to Pokhara in a small plane through the world’s deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki is unquestionably very thrilling. This Annapurna circuit trek 16 Days is very thrilling and wouldn’t disappoint anyone whoever so choose to travel.

Trek with Nepal Pyramids to experience the ultimate trekking experience.

Short Itinerary

  • DAY 01: Arrive to Kathmandu (1,400 m/4,593 ft)
  • DAY 02: Half day city tour / afternoon trek briefing and preparation / welcome dinner
  • DAY 03: Drive to Beshishahar/ hour and a half drive to Bahundanda (1310 m/ 4297 ft) and overnight stay.
  • DAY 04: Trek to Jagat (1,300 m/4,265 ft) : 6 - 7 hours
  • DAY 05: Trek to Dharapani (1,960 m/6,430 ft) : 7-8 hours
  • DAY 06: Trek to Chame (2,710 m/8,891 ft) : 5 - 6 hours
  • DAY 07: Trek to Pisang (3,300 m/10,824 ft) : 5 - 6 hours
  • DAY 08: Trek to Manang 3,540 via Nagwal : 6 - 7 hours
  • DAY 09: Acclimatization day at Manang
  • DAY 10: Trek to Yak Kharka (4,110 m/13,484 ft) : 3 - 4 hours
  • DAY 11: Trek to Thorang Phedi (4,450 m/14,599 ft) or High Camp (4,600 m/15,092 ft) : 3 - 4 hours
  • DAY 12: Trek to Muktinath (3,800 m/12,467 ft) via Thorong La pass (5,416 m/1,7764 ft) : 8 – 9 hour
  • DAY 13: Trek to Jomsom (2,720 m/8,923 ft) 6 – 7 hours
  • DAY 14: Flight to Pokhara (820 m/2,690 ft) 19 minutes
  • DAY 15: Fly or Drive to Kahtmandu
  • DAY 16: Departure day

Important Note

The above itinerary is simply a guideline and is subject to alteration as per the circumstances. Your Group Leader is solely liable to bring about changes in the best interest of the group.


Annapurna circuit trek is not a stroll in a park it is quite demanding. The highest elevation you would trek is 5416 m / 17,769 feet which is Thorong La pass. Though a most admired trekking destination, the high altitude walking into the thin air does matter. However, the daily elevation advancement is very gradual which prepares ample time for acclimatization. Anyone with sound fitness can join the trek. Nevertheless, it is not appropriate for someone with very weak ankles, knee, heart or lungs problems - necessary check-up and consent from your doctor is must.
Since Annapurna circuit delivers different variation the length of the trip entirely depends on which package people prefer to choose. However, as the whole Annapurna circuit is approximately 248 km/154 miles in total length. The reason why it was considered as No. 1 trekking destination was simply because it goes through five different districts of Nepal namely – Lamjung, Manang, Mustang, Myagdi and kaski which all varies in terrain and topography.
Yes, with us everybody reserves the right to customize their trip as per their requirements. Nepal Pyramids is always there to assist you with necessary options and guidance if needed. We together can come up with a remarkable journey.
It’s really hard to skip the motor road and take entirely the new trekking trail. Every now and then we will encounter motorway as the new trekking route graphed by NATTs (New Annapurna Trekking Trails) isn’t under full operation. Though we can’t promise you of entirely a new trekking trail yet we assure you that in few places we give our best to avoid the motor road and walk the natural trekking trail.
We don’t normally deal distance in Km or Miles while trekking rather we do it in hours. Typically, every day we walk around 6/9 hours excluding your multiple breaks and lunch. However, your pace makes a difference with time you reach the destination. In fact, we are opposed to contending ourselves to get to the destination earlier than recommended time. We rather take it really so making your vacation more electrifying and memorable.
Spring and Autumn is the best time to do Annapurna Circuit Trek.
Spring : April to mid-June
However, despite low temperature and extreme chill travelers do trek to Annapurna circuit trek even in winter.
Annapurna Circuit trek is a physically demanding trek suitable for keen walkers. No previous extensive experience is required for this trip. However, some prephysical training certainly will be an added advantage as Annapurna circuit involves lot of undulating climbing with altitude variation. As a part of your training it’s highly advisable to prepare yourself with everyday undulating walking, running or cardio. Walking up and down the steps positively help you to synchronize with Nepal hills terrain.
Acute mountain sickness is something more of a reaction that materializes in our body under lower rate of oxygen level. It’s a mountain ailment which is fatal. It’s hard to predict who of what age and physical fitness can actually get of A.M.S. However, Nepal Pyramids delivers professionals who are well equipped with medication and oxygen cylinders to deal with A.M.S. Besides, there are ample preventive strategies to deal any mountain sickness. Food poisoning, severe diarrhea, stomach problems are other very common mountain ailments that can be nightmarish than the A.M.S.
All our itineraries are intended to make the altitude variation appropriate for ample acclimatization. Still the chance of getting A.M.S is probable even though our everyday elevation advancement is very gradual. Your Group Leader will instruct you with necessary guidance on when and how to take the Diamox. Moreover, your certified and skilled Leaders are very proficient in dealing with any altitude related ailments.
Nepal Pyramids use Family Oriented Lodges which are at its best offering you the comfort experience and its typical local environment. It’s basically the extension of their own houses that offers you twin bed sharing room with common toilets. In few places the accommodation facility is pretty basic and sometimes the possibility of sharing room with others can be the occasion due to the shortage of rooms. However, as for many places the facility is awesome. With advancement in tourism the tea-houses in these areas have evolved to earnestly convenient hotels.

You have variety of choices for the food more than anyone could imagine. Nevertheless, with Nepal Pyramids absolute contentment prevails in regards to meals and Local Tea-House.

The charging privilege for your devices is possible in almost all lodges unless if occasionally they didn’t encounter any problem with their power supply or their Solar panels. However, it is always wise to carry some extra batteries or the fully charged power bank batteries since your batteries run out pretty quick in the cold.

Almost all lodges provide you with hot shower facility at minimal cost. Whenever they have any malfunctioning with their heaters they do provide anyone with bucket – hot shower which is indeed a great experience in the Himalayas. WiFi facility too is almost everywhere in this trip over some charges but they are not always reliable as petty things always happens in the mountains.
For environmental concern we are opposed to the use of disposable plastic mineral water bottles on any of our adventure trips to Nepal. With no additional cost our staff will supply you with appropriately boiled water every morning and evening for which at least 2 metal bottles or BPA free Nalgene bottles are recommended. In case you ran out of the delivered water you can always buy boiled and filtered water from the tea houses along the way at minimal charges.
Nepal Pyramids provides you with a very warm sleeping bag with fleece liner and wind-stopper duvet jackets with attach hood. We also provide you with Nepal Pyramids duffel bag to fit all your gears in, plastic bag to separate your clean clothes with the dirty ones. Besides we provide you with free t-shirt, trekking map and Buff (multiple head-wear).
Jomsom happens to be the 'Windy Valley' of Nepal to which our air aviation is quite strict about flying small planes to these remote mountain airstrips. Which means flying to or from this mountain airport is very safe. Further, there are flight delays and sometimes cancellation under various weather circumstances. However, this isn't an everyday story and there is an alternative of driving to and from Jomsom in-case of flight cancellation. Though driving may be earnestly long (9/10 hrs.) in comparison to flying yet the fun of driving through the world’s deepest gorge has a different charm.
Unquestionably and most significantly to be associated with the local company is - its hassle free. Everything is covered and prearranged prior to your arrival in Nepal. Your local leaders are very well with the knowledge and region who can share necessary information and untold stories more than anybody else. Local companies will always be there with the prompt solution to any emergency situation that arises during your stay in Nepal.
From everyday trekking injuries like sprained ankles to life-threatening conditions and natural disasters, it’s important that you have the right travel insurance for your adventure in Nepal. We recommend having an all-inclusive travel insurance policy covering all the aspects of your adventure that includes trip delays, cancellation, loss of property, sickness, or air evacuation. Though your leaders are highly trained to cope with any emergency situation yet sometimes even after the best of our precautions things happens.


⭐ The early departure from Kathmandu hotel to Beshishahar and 6/7 hours drive through the unfamiliar narrow highway is out of the ordinary with enormous landscape view at the backdrop.

⭐ Another hour and a half drive in a local transportation to Nagdi is an interesting experience.

⭐ It provides you with abundant opportunity to witness the rich cultural diversity and to experience the legendary trails that passes through time-honored settlement with exceptional scenic beauty.

⭐ Getting to Chame, Pisang, Manang and the sight of enormous soaring snow-clad mountains around and the transformation in vegetation is miraculous.

⭐ Grand view of Annapurna range, Gangapurna, Lamjung, Tilicho and Chulu is phenomenal.

⭐ Going over the daring Thorang La (5416 m/17,769 ft), the highest point in the Annapurna circuit trek is a great accomplishment of a lifetime.

⭐ The Muktinath Temple to the other side of the pass which is a very sacred place for both Hindus and Buddhists is another highlight of the trip.

⭐ Flying on a small plane from Jomsom airport 2720 m to Pokhara (820 m/2690 ft) through the valley of Kali Gandaki, world’s deepest gorge is simply phenomenal.

Detailed Itinerary

Soon you land in Kathmandu airport your group leader will be there with Nepal Pyramids board to greet you and transfer you to the hotel. Despite, the capital city of Nepal certainly being the busiest with hectic traffic it undoubtedly has a strong appeal with local splendor and vigorous activities around, where you can simply relax and take pleasure in the fun of driving through the unfamiliar roads.

• Pick up from the international airport.
• Transfer to hotel by your Group Leader.
• Short preliminary briefing.
• Arriving early gives you an opportunity to explore Kathmandu.
• Welcome dinner and getting to know each other.

Today would be the most exhilarating day where your leader introduces you to our city tour expert who guides you to the most pious Hindu and Buddhist religious place that are listed in the world heritage sites and elucidates you the entire mysticism over its existence.

• Breakfast depending on your choice and preference.
• Meet-up at 9 am for the tour.
• Visit to Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupatinath.
• Lunch on your preference.
• Getting together for trek briefing as per the time given by your leader.
• Distribution of company’s trek equipment’s.

Driving 173 km/107 miles to Besisahar, the prosperous town of the British Gorkhas is very entertaining giving you ample opportunity to know how locals live up to drive through these winding roads in local bus which are often enormously packed. We take a local jeep further to the village of Bahundanda and stay overnight in a local tea house.

• 7/8 hours’ drive to Besisahar. Today we drive early to skip any uncertainty of traffic jam on our slender highway.
• Fabulous scenery and mountain view at the backdrop as you navigate through this new roads.
• Lunch stop in one of the highway restaurant with its excellent food choices is very comforting.
• From Besisahar 1 and ½ Hour drive to Bahundana in a local bus/ jeep is another fascination with so much to witness.
• Being at Bahundanda, a beautiful settlement high up on the ridge definitely add more excitement to your anticipation.

Today after breakfast we start our first day trek with so much excitement. Gradually we get dissolve into the enchanting ancient salt trade route of Annapurna. The trail next descends down to the famous Marshyangdi River and walk further to a big settlement of Syange for lunch. We cross a very old suspension bridge and climb all the way to Jagat.

• Wake up call as set by your leader
• 4 hours of pleasant undulating walk through series of traditional villages until lunch
• Crossing high suspension bridges is daring.
• The scenic beauty, deep gorges among soaring cliffs at the backdrop is phenomenal.
• Being at Jagat, the stone village with medieval atmosphere and few tea houses is remarkable and worth an effort.

Leaving Jagat we walk an opening gradual trial and climb to the village of Chamche and crossing the suspension bridge we ascend gradually to the village of Tal, the most beautifully positioned settlement at the banks of Marshyangdi River for lunch. We now enter into the district of Manang. After lunch we walk a gradual trail crossing multiple bridges and beautiful villages to Dharapani.

• Fabulous walk along the valley of Marshyangdi with so much to see and learn.
• Entering into a different district and to witness the Buddhist influence is another attraction.
• To see all the entrance Chorten gate in each village gives you the sense of Tibetan Buddhism.

From Dharapani we start off with a gradual trial to Bagarchap and eventually get to another settlement of Danagyu. Next we climb through the amazing woodland trail to the village of Timang for lunch. After lunch once again we start off with gradual trail and drop all the way to Thanchok and finally reach the pleasing settlement of Chame, the administrative headquarter for Manang district.

• Delightful walk with stunning views and series of cultural villages.
• Lunch at traditional settlement of Timang is another attraction.
• Getting to Chame with most of the facility is exciting.
• View of Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal is unbelievable.

Leaving Chame we cross the suspension bridge and walk a gradual trial with apple and peach orchard everywhere that will take us to the village of Talekhu. Now the valley starts opening up and we walk the broader version of the trail to Brathang, legend says that it used to be the settlement for Khampas (the Tibetan warriors). Soon we walk the forested trail of pine and fir to Dhukure Pokhari (holy pond) for lunch. Next hour and a half of beautiful trail lands us to Pisang.

• Most enchanting walk through woodland and apple-peach orchard.
• Despite long hours walking break at Dhukure Pokhari for lunch is worth it.
• Being at the basic settlement of Pisang, situated at the base of Pisang peak is sensational.
• Grand view of Chulu far east and Pisang peak.

Today we start early as we take the upper Pisang trail via Ngawal to Manang for the awe-inspiring view. Vertical hike all the way to Ghyaru for the most graceful panoramic view of meadows and mountains. Gradual walk to Ngawal for Lunch and an effortless walk to the plateau of Manang, one of the happening place in the district.

• Walk to Ghyaru for the incredible view of snow-capped mountains.
• Lunch at Ngawal, the settlement in the hidden valley is another attraction.
• The upper trail simply offers anyone with a bird’s eye view of the deep gorges and landscape which is amazing.
• View of Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho, Tharke kang, Chulu and Pisang Peak.
• Despite long hours walking getting to Manang, one of the enchanting place in the region located at the base of high Himalayas is simply sensational.

• Manang, the village where Maurice Herzog came in 1950s in search of food.
• 1 and ½ hours amazing walk for acclimatization.
• Walk to the hill other side of Manang for the view of Gangapurna glacier and the lake.
• The close view of the magnificent mountain, extensive green hills, the Tibetan Buddhist culture is charismatic
• Free afternoon where you can enjoy cultural or mountain documentary movies in the movie hall or visit a museum at trivial cost.

Now away from the tree line we leave Manang crossing a bridge and head towards the medieval settlement of Tenji, also known as Old Manang. Another short gradual walk takes us to basic settlement of Ghunsang. We further walk an effortless trail with suspension bridges and stunning view of Chulu range to our right and eventually get to Yak Kharka (yak grazing pasture).

• Short walk to Yak Kharka with free afternoon.
• Chances to see the blue ship.
• Being in the alpine with dramatic landscape setting is astonishing
• Walk in the pleasant Himalayan meadow with the View of Chulu range.
• Free afternoon to relax and feel the thin air.

Today’s short walk starts with a gradual trail to the village of Letder. We continue with the gradual trail and cross a footbridge, short steep climb to the ridge for a short break at the tea shop. Another 45 min walk through the technical landslides trail takes us the Thorang phedi (base camp). Precaution is to be taken at landslides trial.

• Short walk into the rugged trail is worth walking.
• A very rewarding moment being at Phedi with exceptional view.
• Slow walking is recommended for health safety; listen to your leader for guidance over walking the technical landslide area.
• Depending on your health and safety concern your leader will decide on base camp or high camp.
• Despite being very basic, being at Thorang Phedi with only limited lodge is charming.

We start very early today to get over quick and to skip the wind chill factor in the summit of the pass. The trail starts with steep ascend to high camp and then gets gradual up till we get to the solitary isolated tea shop for short break. We further climb to the pass, our ultimate goal and great achievement and descend all the way down to Muktinath entering into a different district of Mustang. Muktinath, highly venerated sacred place of pilgrimage for both Hindus and Buddhist.

• Starting early with so many other trekkers on our head torches is fascinating.
• Visit to the monastery and lighting the butter lamp is an incredible experience
• Going over the daring Thorang La (5416 m/17,769 ft), the highest point in the Annapurna circuit trek is a great accomplishment of a lifetime.
• Descending 1700 m to Muktinath, being in a different valley and district with grand view of Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, Muktinath peak and Mustang peak is breathtaking.
• Explore Muktinath, a place of nirvana for both Hindus and Buddhist.

Today walking to Jomsom you would see utterly different landscape background as Mustang happens to be a desert of Nepal with arid and dry terrestrial. We leave Muktinath and descend down to Kagbeni, the gateway of Mustang with very cultured Tibetan style community. We follow Kali Gandaki, the river older than the mountains and makes the world’s deepest gorge and head towards Jomsom, the administrative headquarter of Mustang and the windy valley of Nepal.

• Today’s walk is very relaxing through ancient Tibetan settlement where Nilgiri range dominates the horizon.
• Being on the other side of the valley with different land setting, mountains and the prehistoric Kali Gandaki River is mesmerizing.
 Walking to Kagbeni and Jomsom with all the lively activities is enchanting, watch out for harsh wind.
 Beautiful Nilgiri range dominates the entire Jomsom.
• Being it a last night fun activities follows with dancing, eating, drinking and tipping.

Today we wake up early for the flight to Pokhara. Flights from Jomsom takes off early to skip any uncertainty of wind and weather. Pokhara (820 m), the second biggest city, also very popularly known as the second home of the tourists is the land of extravagant beauty that would undoubtedly trigger excitement.

• End of your trekking days.
• We bid goodbye to our local staff.
• 20 minutes flight to stunning Pokhara, and in Pokhara the beautiful Phewa Lake and the magnificence of the Himalayas mounting at the backdrop create an atmosphere of peace and delight.
• As per preference your leader will assist you in your Pokhara activities that may include: lake explore and hike to peace pagoda, paragliding, zip lining etc. or it’s entirely up to your choice if you want to stay back and explore Pokhara for shopping.

Sensational flight back to the capital city of Kathmandu with an outstanding panoramic view.

• Sensational flight to Kathmandu
• Explore the Capital City of Kathmandu as per your requirements.

Depending on your flight schedule airport transportation will be provided. Your leader will be there to send you off home.

Dates & Cost

Trip Start Date Trip End Date Price Status
09/25/2019 10/12/2019 US$ 1490 Book Now


Cost Includes

✅ National park entry fees, conservation fees, trekking permit, TIMS permit.
✅ Airport pickups and drops facility on both Domestic and International flights.
✅ Three star twin bed sharing hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara on Bed / Breakfast basis.
✅ Welcome dinner in a typical traditional Nepali restaurant.
✅ Half day guided city sightseeing with paid entrance fee.
✅ All Government and Local tax.
✅ Fundamental trekking gears like sleeping bag, down jacket fleece liner etc.
✅ All Ground transportation to and from preferred destination as per the itinerary.
✅ Tea-house accommodation or tented camp as per the trek.
✅ Properly boiled hot water for drinking every evening and morning.
✅ staff insurance.
✅ Meals (Lunch, dinner, breakfast with hot beverages) during trek.
✅ An accomplished trekking Group Leader and assistant guides.
✅ Oxygen cylinders and an all-inclusive medical kit on all trips.
Take away Nepal Pyramids duffel bag, T-shirt, Buff (multiple head-wear) and trekking Map.
✅ Porter service.
✅ Porters’ Clothing.

Cost Excludes

❌ Fee levied on Nepali visa.
❌ All personal expenses including Food while in Kathmandu/Pokhara.
❌ International flight fares.
❌ Medical examination or emergency rescues.
❌ Donations.
❌ Staff Tipping.
❌ Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu on early arrival.
❌ Travel or medical insurance.
❌ Optional tours and sightseeing or any activities during free time.
❌ Other personal expenses – laundry, battery charges, shower etc.