Experience Local:

There Is Nothing More fun In the World than interacting with the LOCALS

Nepal Pyramids offers you a once-in-a-lifetime authentic Local experience, while still ensuring you to see things that you’ve traveled so far to see. It’s strange why travelers around the world tend to choose a common place and common things to see. Is it because it’s incredible or because everyone else is there? In fact we simply miss or overlook what local, who are always around you do, what they eat? What they wear? and where’s their usual hangout places? This is the reason why we truly believe in ‘traveling like a tourist and living like a local’ strategy. Give yourself a chance to Experience Local and rightly open to real local authentic trip. Nepal Pyramids delivers ample adventure trips through which anyone could get the most of Local experience.

Experience locals - Locals of Nepal

Nepali locals

Get along with the Locals:

Isn’t it simply wise to get away from your comfort zone and book an adventure that gives you a true local experience? Wouldn’t it be great to have local Leaders and local staff catering you and exchanging their native experience and stories? Isn’t it incredible to visit native house and experience the local practices? Locals offer a perspective you’ll likely never receive from a mainstream tour operator. Moreover, they are always there to serve you with their favorite spot and secret places with the best views. Further, they will be ready to share their version of stories that are never mentioned in the guide books. Learning few Nepali key words or phrases assists you a lot during your free stroll. However, the locals respond more politely and positively when they see you trying to learn our language.

So experience the moments, experience local and the culture around you with Nepal Pyramids. Volunteer with us and give yourself a chance to reach out and support the local population and see the unexplored areas of our country. Toss aside your guidebooks and do like the Nepalis do, respect local tradition and try the local delicacies. Come over and connect with native people, learn new things, and allow yourself to go with the flow and see where it takes you. Stop worrying and get ready to say YES to do things that you have not planned or prepared to do in Nepal. Join Nepal Pyramids to genuinely Experience Local and get lost where locals live and hang out.