Why Opt for the same Trekking Destination – Be Different, Choose the right:

Let’s not be so confined to what others do – do something of your own – BE DIFFERENT. When talking about ‘Trekking in Nepal’ the first thing that strikes anyone’s mind is either Everest or Annapurna. However, the ignorant fact is that, Nepal isn’t purely confined to few popular destinations. In-fact it has wide array with a potential to deliver a world-class adventure opportunities. Furthermore, Nepal is not so much restricted to the base camps of the world highest peak of Everest and Annapurna. There are indeed much more exquisite destination that tunes with very unique features and exceptional contrast. So lets defy preferring the same trekking destination and get real.

The journey into these hidden, secluded and untouched valleys conceals overwhelming views of snow covered peaks delivering serenity beyond belief. The sacred sanctity of Hindus and Buddhist that exists secretly into these regions are very enlightening and spiritual. The vibrant deep gullies and the dramatic setting of wild forests gives anyone the real alpine experience. This literally means that there are still many more stunning places that are overlooked, still very wild and untouched by the outside world. The truth is – these unharmed destinations in reality can take you into the fairy-tale-like valleys giving you the ultimate trekking experience.

Mardi Himal Fishtail trek:

mountain Fishtail - the holy mountain in Nepal - Defy preferring the same trekking destination and get real

If you have given a thought over leaving behind your comfort zone – buy yourself an adventure of something different in Nepal. Significantly, escape the maddening commercial trekking routes to more serene destination that would cater you with authentic adventure excitement. Mardi Himal Fishtail trek is a hidden gem, less trodden and delivering anyone with a genuine wilderness experience.

The Mardi Himal region conserves the serenity so well with outstanding mountain views. The trail to Mardi Himal was opened very recently and tea house trekking gives you by far a local home stay experience. Despite the basic facility it delivers the best of its mysticism with its remarkable beauty and charm. It leaves you behind into the world of eternity with so much splendor and contentment. It takes you into the different world stealing away your reality and dissolving into the land of unreal. The valley of Mardi Himal Fishtail Trek very well craft the inception of fantasy. The Himalayan meadows, dramatic forests, and hypnotizing views assigns you into the journey of a lifetime.

Mohare Danda Trek:

Mohare Danda treks the off the beaten track

The less trodden Mohare Danda trek is certainly an epic trek. This off the beaten trek offers anyone with the wilderness of mountains, outstanding mountain views and the typical culture. You wouldn’t find civilized hi-fi tea-houses, but unlike Everest and Annapurna we use community eco lodges. These Eco lodges give you the real sense of local home-stay environment with delightful experience. Once again this trek takes you away from the maddening overcrowded trekking destination into the terrain more serene and more untouched. Though an untouched valley yet offering an outstanding trekking experience. It’s a classical trek that inspires anyone with its magical beauty.

It is more about offering yourself a chance to understand the local culture, experience the genuine wilderness and to enjoy the real serenity. It provides you with opportunity to try local delicacies and make the most out of your travel understanding. The beauty and the panoramic view of the majestic soaring peaks can’t be denied.

Langtang Gosaikunda and Helembu trek:

with the group from Hong Kong to the region of Langtang and helembu

Though a less visited area Langtang valley is yet another most popular destination. The valley is certainly very mesmerizing also very commonly known as the home of red pandas. The region has lot of history in regards to ancient Tibetan migrants that’s dates back to hundreds of years. This Tibetan basin has a charismatic setting that creates a center of attention for thousands of tourists every year. Walking on the trail of longstanding magical forest of rhododendron into the mystical valley and the home of the red pandas is remarkable. The very cultural Tamang settlement with a majestic mountain views at the backdrop is beyond belief.

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek takes you into the wizardly remarkable terrain and into the Holy Lake nestled in the high Himalaya fenced by soaring peaks. Unlike many other popular destinations of Nepal, the territory into this Holy Lake delivers yet another untouched destination . It’s indeed spellbinding to be in its silent environment away from the rustle and bustle of travelers from far and wide.

Upper Mustang trek:

the vibrant red cliffs of Mustang Nepal

Upper Mustang is yet another trek that will take you into the diverse region which is out of ordinary. Opened in 1992 to the outside world, Mustang is unique in its features offering anyone exceptional prospective paralleled to other popular trips like Everest or Annapurna. The legends and history is simply mesmeric. The deep gorges, the dramatic landscape setting, soaring Annapurna range at the backdrop is remarkable. The centuries-old cliff-hanging monasteries, the sky caves and the Tibetan Buddhist culture are awe-inspiring.

Said to be the desert of Nepal but then again the fascination of being in Upper Mustang is away from this world experience. The traditional settlements and the stunning vegetation of buckwheat and willows looks more of a mirage that appears in the middle of no way. Mustang is a ‘land of Mystery’ conserved since ages which is still very untouched and very refined and trekking to Mustang is once in a life time opportunity.


However, Nepal has more than the above mentioned destinations to offer the travelers that would take anyone into and beyond the magical terrain. There are still many more that are yet to be explored. That are there waiting for someone to breakthrough its untouched surroundings and beauty. Exploring these untouched valleys surely provided anyone with ample motivation and power to overcome the realities of life. It certainly prepares anyone to take up the challenge and do something unique. Thus, be different, stop mirroring and defy preferring the same trekking destination and get real.

There is nothing to look for rationalism or look for reason why u choose something different to others. Defy the Gravity of the same preference and do something exclusive. Withdraw yourself into this exceptionalism and it simply responds you with its exquisiteness and ultimate realization. Let’s be different and go for things that we want to do. Explore the unexplored. Don’t limit yourself to those entire congested destination that people usually fall prey to.

Therefore Defy preferring the same trekking destination and get real:

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