Nepal Helicopter Trek

Nepal Helicopter trek is an exciting way to witness the most beautiful valleys, majestic snow-clad peaks and vibrant hills. Nepal helicopter trek is a package included in any of your adventure trekking into the Nepal Himalayas. It is basically intended for those who fancy flying back in a helicopter with awe-inspiring views. Furthermore, it is also for those who have limited time frame to trek in Nepal.

It’s one of the most beautiful experience which along with trekking experience can also witness the most phenomenal experience of flying back to Kathmandu in a helicopter. Nepal pyramids offer few awesome Nepal Helicopter tour packages that takes you into the different hidden valleys of Nepal. Nepal Helicopter Trek includes packages like Everest base camp Heli trek, Annapurna Base camp Heli trek, Langtang Heli trek, and many more.

It is very exciting to see the mountainous areas of Nepal from the birds eye view. And very importantly it’s very adventurous to see the aerial view tracing back your trails and villages which you trekked few days back. Apart from the monsoon season Nepal Helicopter trek is appropriate and achievable from January – May and from September – December. The cost of Nepal helicopter trek varies with the destination so you choose. All our packages are well defined with detail itinerary, cost and trip information. Prominently, Nepal helicopter trek is an amazing trend that’s swiftly gaining its popularity due its worth and exquisite experience.

With these packages anyone can experience the fun of trekking and fun of flying. Trekking gives you the best of Nepal with its beautiful culture, tolerant people, grandiose landscape and majestic mountains. On the other hand flying in a helicopter takes you into unexplored valleys and landscape. Furthermore, you get very close to the mountains which you perceived it from its base. Its one of the most thrilling and delightful trip creating one of the most unforgettable memories.