Nepal Helicopter Day Tour

Nepal Helicopter Day Tour is a great way to escape the maddening city and get lost into the serene mountain journey. Flying to the base of the high Himalayas and to enjoy a hot cup of hot beverage of your choice including breakfast is something very thrilling. Nepal mountainous regions have so much to offer both to the trekkers and sightseers. Besides great view Nepal helicopter day tours offers magnificent adventure experience.

Helicopter tour packages in Nepal are being highly trendy these days due to its remarkable journey within a very short period of time. The fun of experiencing majestic mountains, deep valleys, cultured villages and lofty green landscapes is simply outstanding. The unbelievable aerial view of the valley and the scenic rustic setting is away from the world. This extraordinary Nepal helicopter day tours takes you very close to the soaring mountains to which very few have the opportunity to do so.

The professional pilots who are very well with the routes to these deep valleys cruises the heli into the point that gives you the best natural vistas. We organize the helicopter tour packages at reasonable price though the cost varies depending on the choice of destination and time duration. The packages we offer are Everest heli day tour, Annapurna heli day tour, Langtang heli day tour and many more.