Manaslu trekking is an alternative to Annapurna circuit trek which is a part of a Great HimalayanTrail. Manaslu, ‘The Spirit Mountain’ is the eighth highest mountain in the world, 8,163 meters (26,781 ft.) above sea level. Manaslu region was the main epicenter of the tragic 2015, 8.2 Magnitude earthquake. Though the earthquake have undeniably brought about a transformation on the regular trekking trails nevertheless, Manaslu is still very delightful.

Manaslu, the Land of the Suspension bridge and the sky-high cliffs offers anyone the opportunity of walking into the less trodden enchanting deep valleys. Manaslu being the restricted area the Nepal Government permitted trekkers for Manaslu Circuit only in 1991 for which a special permit is needed however, the picturesque beauty of Manaslu region cannot be denied.

Going over the Larke Pass gives you different sense of achievements. Despite the basic accommodation facility as tea house trekking started only few years ago, Manaslu is indeed something not to be missed when it comes to trekking in Nepal.