‘Experiencing best of Nepal treks’ category contains few of the most popular trekking destinations of Nepal. One among the popular is Annapurna and Everest combination trek. It is a mixture of two different but most popular destinations. Those are Instant Everest and Annapurna panorama trek. It is specially designed for those who gravely wish to experience the real Nepal in the restricted time-frame.

Best of Nepal Treks undeniably offers you the best of our country. It is indeed a best of travel experience for which Millions of travelers come every year to Nepal. All the trips that fall under this category has so much to offer in terms of diversity and experience. All these definitely make you comprehend the different culture that flourish in Nepal. However, you would as well realize how these diverse cultures in Nepal breathe in such great harmony.

As there is a saying harmony brings about prosperity, significantly the best of Nepal trips allows you to appreciate the authenticity of Nepal which differs from one part to another and still it’s quite amazing to see the unanimity among numerous ethnicity.