About Us:

Bringing you together into the home far away from home

About us – Nepal Pyramids is a registered; government licensed local Trekking Company based in central Kathmandu, traditionally known as the ‘city of temples’ and the capital city of Nepal. Administered by the team of trekking professional we organize trips in Nepal in all facets of events with exceptional service, competitive price and at the most reliability.

We are in all actions to give you the experience of a life time with enhanced excitements – promising you an extraordinary trip amid remarkable dwellings, witnessing beyond belief surroundings with Shangri-La like setting and time honored history.

Worrying is out of question as we are here to help you with your Nepal dreams of things you always crave to do, places you want to visit and cultures you want to experience. Your contentment is what we guarantee and we are ready to go an extra mile to achieve this objective.

We are Different! Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We are genuinely very concerned about how challenging it is for anyone to pick one among unreasonable amount of trekking companies that exists in our country but we are here so resolute to transform the fashion of age-old trekking culture by making each of our trips more adventurous. Everything is very well fabricated which is due to the result of many years involvement in the field of adventure world. Get the quality and service best of international standard at competitive price with no additional hidden charges. We are professional in delivering what we promise. We genuinely monitor the quality of our service. Being exclusively local anyone has to right to put-forth their grievances or give any constructive feedback’s if any straight with Nepal Pyramids.

Significantly, its value for money without any hidden costs.

As a local company we aspire to put up our own distinguished hallmark to which we aren’t hesitant to compete in the global market with international standard service. Being typically a Local Company, administered by locals you can by nature customize your trip to suit your requirements. We provide fundamental trekking equipment like sleeping bag, fleece liner, warm down jackets and duffel bag making your holiday exclusively hassle free. 

We Deliver You the Experts:

It’s been truly said that any trip can be made or broken by the quality of the Leader or Guides;to this regard we give you the best of our local leaders who are proficient in delivering their responsibility with utmost care and concern. Their professionalism, dedication and their knowledge for local environment is evident from all the excellent feedbacks from our previous clients. They are fun with all their local secrets.

Your safety is our primary concern for which all our Group Leaders have undergone an extensive training in the field of First Aid, Emergency situations and Medication and are very well with the knowledge of dealing with any mountain ailments, hazards or life threatening situations. Furthermore, they are equipped with Oxygen cylinders, medications and Oxygen Chamber Bag for just in-case circumstances. Additionally, all our Assistant Guides go through basic medical training that includes – mountain ailments, operating oxygen cylinders / Oxygen chamber bag and dealing with emergency situations.

Traveling with Responsibility

“All have their worth and each contributes to the worth of the others.”

Responsible tourism is not about staying in a five star Eco friendly hotels or eating organic food in super expensive restaurants-it’s more about engaging yourself in a dignified way to construct a better place to visit.We believe in being different and we take pride in our environmental legacies so we open up our excitements without limiting our exploration but in a more responsible way.

We consider responsible tourism is something very simple since it’s all about supporting local people, respecting their culture and being easy on their native soil and that’s all we need to do.It’s all about personal understanding, learning and experiencing – which undoubtedly is more than just mere looking.

Nepal Pyramids is devoted to invent the system of tourism that is environmentally friendly and has constructive impacts over our fragilities. In each of your trip visitors are endow with an opportunity to make a significant connection with the local people and recognize their cultural, social and environmental issues. Significantly, for the welfare of the porters we provide essential equipment as per the status of the trip and give our best to educate their kids who are in real need of aid – who are being deprived of the education right due to financial difficulties.